“Facilitation creates a place and time of mutual trust. Facilitation is often described as making group processes easy. Facilitation is not making people do things, but rather enabling them to release their energy” 

Maureen R Jenkins & Jon C Jenkins

Team and Organisation Development Facilitation

Facilitation is about harnessing the collective wisdom of the group to achieve a common objective or goals.  For that to work, a masterful facilitator is needed to design, develop and create a safe space for generative conversations.

Inquiring Dialogue works collaboratively with the client to understand the issues and challenges of the team and design and create a facilitation plan to engage the stakeholders and participations to harness the collective wisdom of the team.  

This may involve the use of psychometric instruments and other collaborative tools for self and team discovery.

Training of Facilitators

Inquiring Dialogue has been running the flagship “Process Facilitation Skills Workshop’ for the past 12 years. This is the foundational skills workshop for all aspiring process facilitators. This highly engaging program has been very well received by facilitators and client organisations.

Besides the Process Facilitation Skills workshop, we have different workshops under our Professional Facilitators Series. They include: