What’s your Question? Inspiring Possibilities through the Power of Questions!
Many of us realise the power of questions in inspiring new possibilities in our daily lives. But most of us struggle and spend lots of time thinking about suitable questions to ask in different situations. What’s your Question? is the solution. This book is a compilation of 630 questions grouped under two categories — Situations and Competencies. These questions are designed as trigger questions to aid in your quest for more and better questions.

Treat this book as a handy resource when you are required to ask a variety of questions to challenge yourself, help others to reflect, empower your team, and develop breakthrough ideas.

“What’s Your Question? is an invaluable, practical, and easy-to-use guide for applying and benefiting from the power of questions in thinking and communicating. The reader needs only to ask ‘What do I want my question to accomplish?’ and then search in the book to discover the category of questions that will provide the most help. I highly recommend What’s your Question? as an essential and powerful guide for any professional.”— Marilee Adams, PhD, Best-selling author of Change Your Questions, Change Your Life

“One of the most common questions I hear is ‘How can I get better at asking questions?’ Well, Choon Seng is a master of questions and this book provides us with an amazing buffet of questions to ponder on. For just about every context imaginable, this book offers food for thought and inquiry. So if you are a person who would like to enhance your questioning skills, how about jumping into this excellent resource to expand your range of questions?”—Dr. Douglas O’Loughlin, Senior Principal Consultant, Civil Service College


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